What Is Pathforge?

What is Pathforge?

Pathforge is a version of Heroforge designed specifically around the Pathfinder game system.

The Pathfinder gaming system is based off of Dungeons and Dragons v3.5. However, they have been some change. Some achanges are minor, but others have been quite major. Due to these changes much of the current Heroforge isn't compatible with Pathfinder. Due to the incompatibilities it would be difficult to create a hybid tool. So by marrying the framework of Heroforge and the rules of Pathfinder, Pathforge is born. After all there is no reason to recreate the wheel when such great and painstaking work was put into Heroforge.

I know you would think that to be enough for a utility. However, we have decided to go one step furter. You casters out there will probably really like this. Not only are we using the heroforge stucture, but we also have in the works the plans to merge in Spellforge. No more tracking of 2 programs, Pathforge will be your one stop shop for your characters.

And as we have said on other pages within this site. We welcome you to join the forum and post your ideas and feedback to make this tool the best it can be for all those involved.

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