As you probably already know, the Pathfinder game is based of Dungeons and Dragons v3.5. For those of us that have played Dungeons and Dragons 3x or 4x, have most likely used Heroforge to create and track characters.

Heroforge is a fantastically well designed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (kudos John Doe). With the advent of Pathfinder a new Heroforge (Pathfinder edition) had been relased. However, it didn't work well. There are too many bugs to make it work for our uses. Simple features like stat bonuses and such were wrong. One of our friends spoke with the creator of Heroforge and found out he was not going to fix the Pathfinder portion. This is where we come in.

To support our little groups gaming needs, I have decided to take on the task of creating a Heroforge for Pathfinder called "Pathforge". I will be rewriting much of the utility strictly for use with the Pathfinder world and campaigns. Items like Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms and the like will be stripped out and replaced by the modules released for Pathfinder.

This site is designed around the creation, modification and documentation of this utility. I would appreciate any form of help that anyone has to offer. This will be a long, complicated process. Please be patient and give us constructive suggestion, criticisims, feedback and ideas via the forums.

To those of you that have chosen it, enjoy Pathfinder.

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